Ultra Meditation Makes Meditation Easy While Zapping Stress, Boosting Mental Clarity and Focus.
Discover The Power of 40hz on your Brain...

By Dane Spotts

Meditation is now easy with this high tech solution. 

Listen: I tried everything in the 70s and 80s. From retreats to floatation tanks, but none came close to the Ultra-Meditation experience. Put on the headphones, lay back and push play. Within seconds it launches your brain into an altered theta-mind state. It’s like taking a 2-week vacation in 28 minutes. 

Time stops and you feel this incredible rush of blissful energy flowing up and down your spine. You are experiencing pure consciousness that the monks and yogis talk about, except you don’t have to sit in a cave and stare at a candle for 30 years.

No longer do you have to “learn” how to meditate because Ultra-Meditation “meditates you” – automatically.   And you can experience it free with the Zygon Mind Power app. Just download from the app store and plug in your brain. The app will do the rest.

It’s like nothing you have ever experienced. 

Hundreds More Streaming Programs

In addition to the Ultra Meditation 5-step transcendence system there are hundreds of mind tools on your Zygon mind power app to heal past trauma’s, re-program negative self-sabotaging behavior, and empowering workshops to motivate and inspire you to become the best you that you can be. 

meditation made easy


Ultra Meditation™ I (The Beginning) takes you into a theta state of consciousness and hold you there for 20 minutes. It is best to use UM I exclusively for the first 30 days. The sound matrix has been specially designed to begin training your brain to experience the physical sensations of deep meditation and altered consciousness.
Ultra Meditation™ II (Transformation) takes you beyond an entry level into a deeper altered states of consciousness. Plug into UM II for the same 30 days. You may want to use the UM II exclusively for the second month or you may interchange it with UM I as you become adjusted to these new sensations. For regular use you may choose either soundtrack.
Ultra Meditation™ III (Awareness) takes you deeper into the theta-delta realm to experience transcendence. Complex layers of subsonic textures deliver a different perceptual experience each time you listen to it. It is with this soundtrack that many users have reported transcendent experiences although it may occur at any time with any of these soundtracks. It is best to use UM III after completion of at least 60 days of regular use of the other two soundtracks.
Ultra Meditation™ IV (Cetacean Mind Link) gives you the experience of linking your consciousness with that of a whale or dolphin. The acoustical landscape stimulates a special meditation experience to evoke deep emotional responses and memories about our water planet.
Ultra Meditation™ V (Near Death Experience) gives you the ultimate transcendental experience by taking your consciousness through the aural landscape of the 5 stages of a near death simulation and then bring you back recharged, renewed and enlivened.

Meditation is made easy with the Zygon app
High tech solution makes meditation easy
“Since beginning Ultra Meditation my blood pressure has normalized, my eating habits have become nutritional…my drinking, smoking and other bad habits have been neutralized….and I am relaxed, emotionally calm, mentally alert and spiritually awake.” – C.M.D.
“It’s the most fantastic higher consciousness tool I have ever come across. During my first session I experienced what I can only describe as a full body orgasm . My entire body was tingling and warm and I felt like I was going to levitate at any moment…. I hope the entire human race can be turned on to these programs because I think it would totally transform the world”. – Daniel O.


How Zygon Makes Meditation So Easy

Sound frequencies spatially delivered into specific brain areas synchronize your brainwave pattens and unfold a profound state of deep relaxation. 


“IT MEDITATES YOU” is how one Therapist put it, while prescribing it for his patients. 

The true purpose of meditation is to redirect the energies of mind to unfold states of higher awareness and access deep mystical truths. When you achieve a state of pure consciousness, space-time becomes temporarily suspended and you experience whats been called – “the eternal moment“. In that moment you are witness to a greater awareness and your connection to the infinite. The goal of all is much more than the health benefits… it’s a state of enlightened awareness that stay’s with you as you experience life. The side benefits of regular use is permanent stress reduction and feelings of blissful happiness.