Overwhelmed? Stress & Anxiety? Can’t Focus?


Meditation Made Easy. Instant Theta Mind State. Access pure consciousness.

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The Secret of Meditation Made Easy. Instantly Zap Anxiety & Stress. Experience Blissful Relaxation & Deep Mental Focus at the Push of a Button.

By Dane Spotts

It meditates you – automatically –  with this high tech solution. It’s called Ultra-Meditation and you can find it on the Zygon app now.

Listen: I tried everything in the 70s and 80s. From retreats to floatation tanks, but none came close to the Ultra-Meditation experience. Put on the headphones, lay back and push play. Within seconds it launches your brain into an altered theta-mind state. It’s like taking a 2-week vacation in 28 minutes. 

Time stops and you feel this incredible rush of blissful energy flowing up and down your spine. You are experiencing pure consciousness that the monks and yogis talk about, except you don’t have to sit in a cave and stare at a candle for 30 years.

No longer do you have to “learn” how to meditate because Ultra-Meditation “meditates you” – automatically.   And you can experience it free with the Zygon Mind Power app. Just download from the app store and plug in your brain. The app will do the rest.

It’s like nothing you have ever experienced. But don’t take my word for it. Download the app and experience Ultra Meditation and hundreds of mind tools first-hand…

You can download the Zygon app free on the Apple App Store and at Google Play.  Discover the true hidden powers of your mind and unleash your full potential. Use this app to reprogram negative self- sabotaging beliefs and experiences that are holding you back. Empower yourself along with millions of others who are transforming their lives going from pain and suffering and a poor self-concept to a experiencing joyful bliss on a daily basis. For more information about ZYGON, the company and people behind this innovative solution visit the website...www.zygon.net